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CAST: Mika Tan

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

XXX star Mika Tan makes her Close-Up debut in this highly specialized Bryan Davis Extreme production!
Seems Mika has been traveling abroad (in some sketchy places, unfortunately) and now officials from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) feel that she may have contracted some sort of infectious illness...so they take her into custody for examination! Well, this little lady may look sweet and innocent, but as she's dragged in and thrown down on the bare cot, she hisses and swears like a sailor! When attempts to settle the raven-tressed wildcat down fail, the doctor strips off her clothing and physically pins her down on the cot.
When next we find Mika, she's tied to a chair in only her white socks. She huffs and yells for attention until Bryan returns to force-feed her some plain oatmeal and water. She's quite hungry by now so she grudgingly lets each spoonful of beige glop pass between her ripe, pouty lips.
Next, Mika's chained down nude on the cot for two struggly, sweaty, completely un-gagged scenes...at the end of which, she is finally ballgagged. A chloroform cloth is then held over her gag and she passes out very quickly.
Now Mika is tied sitting against the wall. She's ballgagged again but those nipple clamps do absolutely nothing to quiet her continuous complaints!
Finally, our Asian beauty is straitjacketed, ballgagged, and barefoot as Bryan frog-straps her legs to keep her still. Well, as still as you can keep a spicy little minx like Mika Tan, that is!
This is a video for very specific fetish tastes. Mika remains ungagged and vocal for about two-thirds of her entire screen time and the bondage is more functional than aesthetic. BUT...if you have ever found yourself wondering about FORCED INSTITUTIONALIZATION and SEXUAL MEDICAL PATIENT MISTREATMENT, without the rope-restraint and gagging of a more standard bondage video, you'll definitely enjoy this detailed production!
(Please Note: There are some minor video glitches and focus problems apparent during the first hour of this program.)

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