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CAST: Eve Ellis

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

As we open, Eve is leather-harnessed, single gloved, and tethered by one ankle to a bed. She wears only black thigh-high stockings and high heeled pumps, and a ring gag holds her mouth wide open. Slipping off the bed, she somehow manages, on camera, to untie her ankle rope even though her hands are covered by the leather single glove! Running from room to room on her six inch heels, she searches in vain for a way to escape. Rounding a corner she runs right into Bryan who drags her back to her bedroom prison. First he buckles a blindfold/harness ballgag onto her, then he secures her standing at the foot of the bed with her ankles spread wide. Putting her back onto the bed, he pulls off her stockings, replaces her shoes, then wraps more leather straps around her bent legs to keep her in place. Strapped to a chair, Eve can move only her crossed, bound legs. A huge red ballgag more than fills her mouth. Enter Bryan, who frog-ties her legs and clamps her nipples. Next Eve's excellent flexibility is really put to the test as her legs are bound straight up in front of her face! Bent over a tall stool, the lovely redhead admires her own bound form in a large mirror. Bryan takes away the stool and we get a nice look at her long, lean body with it's perfect curves. Finally Bryan takes the oversized ballgag from between her aching jaws and we get to hear just what she thinks of her enslavement!

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