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CAST: Ava Miro, Tina Tyler

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Since graduating from college, Ava has gotten a bit too outrageous for her family, so they send her off to live with straight-laced family friend Tina. Tina's got a good job and a great apartment...and unfortunately for Ava, a real penchant for ropes and gags!
The buxom little redhead finds out the hard way that pissing Tina off is a bad idea. Ava can't keep her hands off of Tina's dresses, shoes, or purse, even though each time she screws up, she's punished with tight bondage, spanking, whipping, nipple clamps, even a stinging riding crop on the tender soles of her feet!
When Tina walks in on Ava having a sexy phone conversation with HER fiancee, it's the final straw. Well, if Ava wants sexual attention so bad, that's just what she'll get! After binding Ava to the bed and stuffing her own panties into her mouth, Tina forcefully teases her with a vibrator until she is quivering and begging for orgasm!

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