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CAST: Caroline Pierce, Joy Marks, Sabrina Stone, Vesta


RELEASE DATE: 2/1/2018

Wrap-fans rejoice as Close-Up brings you another exciting tape and plastic-wrap extravaganza! Four lovely models spend eight grueling scenes bound tightly in plastic cling film, duct tape and gaffer1s tape... Red-haired Joy Marks starts things off right in a full-body, white tape cocoon that leaves only her feet and breasts free, then buxom Sabrina Stone is sitting up, wrapped from chest to ankles in silver duct tape. Next we find that, due to a lot of blue duct tape, sweet Caroline Pierce is stuck on cute little newcomer Vesta! (Well, Vesta's new to Close-Up but she is well-known to bondage fans.) Caroline and Vesta spend another scene together, wrapped face-to-face in powerful black plastic pallet-wrap, then Sabrina and Joy are "hogtied" side by side with their entire hands and feet encased in black gaffer's tape! Sitting back-to-back on a bench, Sabrina and Joy are pallet-wrapped together from their waists to their knees, then we find Vesta alone on a mattress, held in a very vulnerable position by several thick layers of black vinyl, self-stick bondage tape. Soon Caroline appears and makes her a lot more comfy by treating her to a vibrator orgasm! Of course, turnabout is fair play and soon Caroline struggles in her own encasement of red vinyl bondage tape while Vesta gives HER an orgasm! So tight, so clingy, so confining, so SEXY! Wrapped & Directed by Darla Crane.

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