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CAST: Darla Crane, Goldie (Aka Goldie Blair), Sadie Atkins


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Beautiful blonde Goldie is up first in this program designed for lovers of wrapped-up damsels! First we sealed her into a seamless straight-jacket and single-boot made entirely of sticky black gaffer's tape, then we used black plastic wrap to secure her thighs and ankles to a bench and weld her elbows together in back. Next, elfin cutie Sadie Atkins triumphantly returns to Close-Up! First she's glued to her seat -- or rather, TAPED to it, then she's taped to a table as well! Shiny black plastic wrap from her shoulder to her knees has her firmly stuck to a bench. Shear plastic tape prettily cocoons Sadie from her shoulders to her ankles, then clear packing tape secures her legs and forearms while both of her hands are stuffed into one stretchy rubber glove! Busty fave Darla Crane rounds out the program with three wrap-ups in the bedroom. First she's plastic-wrapped to the bedpost, then she's taped into a frogtie. Finally, we mummified her from shoulders to ankles in shiny black plastic!

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