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CAST: Whitney Prescott

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Whitney's date is hotter than she expected! The energetic redhead is carried in over Bryan's shoulder. He plants her front and center to give us a good look at her darling dress and tight ropes before he jams a big cloth ballgag in her little mouth. As more ropes are added, Whitney progresses from cute little whimpers to defiant mmmmphs! Bryan applies a rope-gag and peels off Whitney's panties to reveal her fully naked glory, right down to the pretty painted toenails. Her legs are roped off to open her knees wide; the camera angle really shows off her feminine vulnerability! Whitney makes sweet little noises when her captor softly strokes her beautiful breasts. Caressing close-ups reveal the sheen of sweat on her golden skin. Whitney is placed in a back-bend, and Bryan pulls a crotchrope tight against Whitney's wet, swollen nether lips. She tries to press against the crotchrope a bit, but there isn't much room for her to move. Pity! Whitney's hogtied with a post cleaved between her legs. This predicament displays her arched soles beautifully. Bryan pulls her shoulders off-ground with one rope, with the next he ropes her gag back to her toes, another rope lifts her head even higher. Whitney's throat makes sweet sounds as she pumps her hips against the big pole.The strap-harness "flying frogtie" really shows off her beauty. There's a pleasantly natural feel when Whitney finally settles into the position and slowly begins rocking herself back and forth... as though she truly belonged in this leather cradle.

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