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CAST: Whitney Prescott

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 11/15/2016

Or maybe this video should be called TOTALLY HORNY! Whitney Prescott is perfectly cast here, as a red-haired temptress who keeps asking for bondage attention. Bryan reminds Whitney that they played yesterday, but she wants to play again now. She pushes her cleavage in Bryan's face and then crawls on him, making it impossible for him to get any rest. This premise may sound far-fetched to you, but it isn't! We've seen this situation in real life quite a few times. Sometimes your captive doesn't realize how much energy it takes to be in charge. All she thinks about is how much she loves having your full attention, feeling your roaming hands on her helpless body. Whitney insists she wants to play. She ballgags herself, ropes her legs, and teases Bryan until he HAS to tie her just to get her out of his face. Once he joins in, Whitney makes happy little noises, continuing with her playful teasing and flirtatious wiggling. On-screen tying is featured; ropemarks are visible from one scene to the next. Beautiful tight close-ups show a knotted crotchrope being placed between her pretty pink folds. Her toes are tied up to the back of her ropegag to keep her head arched. Foot-bondage follows in the next scene, along with a nice tight shot of her soft wet rose. It's all incredible bondage, lensed by excellent up-close videography that shows you Whitney's charms from all angles. At the end, Bryan leaves Whitney tied up and moaning--while he settles into an easy chair for a long rest.

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