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CAST: Darla Crane,Devin Demoore,Jewell Marceau,Paul Cordell


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jewell is a pretty bad employee, so when she feigns illness to get out of a week of work, her boss wants to fire her, but first needs to prove she's not really sick. He calls the "Happy Hands Nursing Agency", run by Nurse Darla. Darla sends her brand new staffer, Nurse Devin to Jewell's place to catch Jewell in her lie. Nurse Devin makes herself right at home, until Jewell can stand no more. She admits she's not sick and orders Devin out of her apartment. Big mistake! Nurse Devin has no patience for slackers, so she wrestles Jewell to the sofa and when next we find them, Devin is administering a stern spanking to a thoroughly roped-up Jewell! Jewell eventually turns the tables, though, and Devin also gets a rosy rear end. When Nurse Darla drops in and finds out what her new employee has been up to, it's another butt-warming for Devin from both Darla and Jewell. Finally, Jewell has had enough and threatens to sue Darla's agency. Darla and Devin bind Jewell to a tall stool. Darla snaps a few photos, to ensure that Jewell won't sue them, then both naughty nurses spank her heartily.

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