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CAST: Asia, Darling, Mika Kani, Miss Kitty

DIRECTOR: Jimmy Durango

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Starring Darling, Mika Kani, Asia & Miss KittyDarling and Mika were once lovers but Mika hasn't quite gotten over their breakup. She invites Darling over and proceeds to put the moves on her former galpal, but Darling’s having none of it. She has a new girlfriend now and she has no intention of getting dirty with pushy little Mika. Time for the claws to come out! Dirty talk and shoving leads to an all-out cat spat right there on Mika’s living room floor! When the fur flies, the juices flow and soon these battling bitches are locked in a heated embrace of passion. Fingers, tongues and a lubed strap-on dildo will get the job done nicely. Later, Darling’s new girl Asia happens to meet Kitty...who is instantly smitten with the petite bleach-blonde. Kitty hits on Asia in the hardest way with no luck at all. In fact, Asia’s so annoyed that they end up ripping each others clothing off in anger! Kitty still likes what she sees, of course, and manages to convince Asia to pose for some nude photos. They move into Kitty’s studio area, where unsuspecting Darling just happens to be arriving to meet her honey. When the busty blonde sees her girlfriend and another woman standing around nude she goes ballistic and a three-way battle royale breaks out! Pushing, pulling and pinning, these three hellcats go after each other with flailing fists and bared teeth...but it isn’t too long before their probing tongues get involved, too. Three-dildo-fuckfest anyone?

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