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CAST: Cathryn Beaumont,Tim Woodman


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Curvaceous Cathryn Beaumont stars in five knockout scenes...about knockouts! Here's a breakdown of Cathryn's "sleepy" fantasies:
-In a dark warehouse she's chloroformed with a white cloth, tied up and fondled over her clothes.
-She gets way too tipsy on a date and passes out drunk. Her date then ties her, gags her, strips off her top and fondles her.
-While walking down the street she's duped by an evil "perfume" salesman and dragged into an abandoned building for bondage, stripping and manhandling.
-On another date wicked Tim slips white powder into her drink then binds and gags her with clear tape, removes her dress, pulls down her pantyhose and feels her up on the floor.
-Upon entering a public restroom, she is grabbed by Tim, chloroformed with a bandanna, handcuffed to a railing and stripped nude.
When she's chloroformed, Cathryn puts up a great struggle, sputtering and coughing and trying to get her hands on her attacker. When she's drugged, she goes out nice and slow, and she also plays a terrific drunk. Tim is a very "thorough" bad guy and he makes sure to take complete advantage of his helpless victim.
If you enjoy knockouts with all the trimmings, you'll love this sexy video by Darla Crane!

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