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CAST: Stacy Burke

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Poor little Stacy is really put through her paces in this new Bryan Davis video!
She starts out in a cute little leopard-print bikini but eventually ends up fully nude and barefoot. In fact, her feet are BARE throughout the whole tape!
Bryan applies much of his signature tight ropework on camera but the real test of Stacy's endurance is the gagging. These cleave, rope and ball gags are some of the TIGHTEST we've ever seen -- they really dig in and even distort her pretty face a bit.
For those who like Bryan's hard-arch hogties, there are TWO here; one with crossed ankles and one with Stacy's big toes roped back to her gag!
There is even a full wrist-suspension! You can't miss this video!

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