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CAST: Lydia McLane

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

What is it? From the moment Bryan drags her into his garage, all tied and ballgagged, he knows there is something about red-haired Lydia that's different from all the other girls he's kidnapped and tortured.
Maybe it's the frilly black lace panties she's wearing under her flirty miniskirt -- almost as is she was hoping to show them off to someone? Maybe it's just those killer legs and pert breasts of hers...that just beg to be treated harshly? When he orders her to strip off her skirt, she does...even though her wrists are still tied in back. (Is this ususual little kidnap victim actually into this degradation?)
A couple of standing ties leave Lydia struggling for balance...especially when that rope is so tight around her throat! (Close-Up asks that you PLEASE don't attempt throat bondage at home...this is pro-play ONLY!)
Nipple clamps and strings create a real nightmare for the titian-tressed tart's tits, then a strappado and a chairtie are made more miserable by the application of more hair bondage. (Bryan just can't seem to resist tying back Lydia's long red mane, can he? But then, who could?)
So just what IS it that's so special about Lydia? You'll find out in the final vibrator scene!

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