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CAST: Eve Ellis

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

When Bryan catches Eve dressing to go out while he's off at work, he decides to teach her a lesson. Sporting a ball gag, Eve is led by a leash. Bryan exchanges her black lingerie for a tight crotchrope, then binds her ankles. He pulls her wrists up in back until she's on tiptoe. Next she's lashed to a chair, her legs pulled wide. We get good close-ups of her bare feet and of Bryan's intricate ropework on her full breasts. On her knees, now, her elbows looped over a bar behind her back, Bryan lassoes and stretches her nipples, then exchanges her ball gag for a ring gag - which causes her to drool all over her tits! Eve's lesson continues with more grueling ties, including one in which her head is roped to a horizontal bar and her thighs are pulled as far apart as they will go. All positions are designed to give us a great view of her lovely feet, breasts, and labia. In her final bondage Bryan even uses a riding crop on poor Eve's ass, with lots of enticing closeups of her bare feet for our enjoyment!

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