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CAST: Kitty, Maya Mclaren


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

For all you stretch-lovers out there, this video features Maya McLaren and Miss Kitty in four mini-stories about Spandex bondage. In "The Spandex Special", Kitty wants to get more exercise and Maya is a personal trainer with a very unique exercise program. In "I Don't Know if it's Art, But..." Kitty plays an artist with a most unusual portfolio. "A Mermaid's Tale" features Kitty as a showgirl who's starring as a mermaid in a big musical. Maya is the understudy who'll do anything to get on that stage.In "Bathing Beauty Bondage" Maya models her new swim suit for roommate Kitty, but Kitty knows Maya plans to wear the skimpy suit to try to steal her boyfriend. And finally, "That's Quite a Stretch" has no plot, but features Maya and Kitty wrapped up back-to-back in a big spandex sheet and sealed in with strips of duct tape!If you like smooth Spandex and strict bondage, you'll love this video!

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