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CAST: Sally Roberts,Susan Blair


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Wanda (Susan Blair) finds herself in debt and resorts to bondage modeling to work off what she owes. Her manipulative director points out that if Wanda could just convince her best friend Amy (Sally Roberts, the gal once dubbed "America's Bondage Sweetheart") to do some modeling too, the debt would soon be paid in full.
Fairly sure that Amy won't agree to model, Wanda resorts to trapping her buddy...and we get to watch!
When the modeling work is done, Wanda has become so carried away that she won't let Amy go! Forced to remain captive, Amy must wear a slave collar, spending each day bound and kneeling at her Mistress' feet. Eventually, Amy secretly develops a taste for her captivity and when the opportunity arises, she overpowers and ties up her Mistress just for fun!
Highlights include onscreen tying of tight, thin cords, onscreen panty-gagging, bright white tape over Sally's mouth, an onscreen change to a layered cleave/over-mouth gag, red skin rope marks, a tight crotchrope, handcuffs, a forced ballgagging, and natural brown-leather-strap bondage!
Please remember that this video was shot in the 1980s so its quality may be a bit lower than today's standards, but its content is eminently viewable!

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