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CAST: Catalina L`Amour, Cathryn Beaumont, Dorian L`Amour, Gina Rome, Jon Woods (Aka Leonard Ayresteel), Oak O`Kork, Richelieu

DIRECTOR: Kristine Imboch

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Italian beauty Gina Rome is a private eye investigating the disappearance of her sister. Disguised in a security guard uniform, she searches the Media Metro building and ends up learning the truth about several missing persons...
File Subject Catalina L'Amour's video show her being grabbed from behind by a man who stuffs her mouth with cloth, which he seals in with duct tape. Her clothes are torn off, her breasts are manhandled, and mousetraps pinch her nipples. Later she's kneeling in an elbow-bound strappado position, with bells on her nipples and a wide leather strap smacking her ass!
File Subject Cathryn Beaumont's video shows her delivering a package when two hooded men chase her down and tie her up. She kicks one of her assailants in his own "package" and gets her plush ass paddled red as punishment. The bad guys strip her naked and secure a timed vibrating device between her thighs. Left bound, gagged and alone with the video camera, the device's intermittent vibrations cruelly tease her poor pussy all night long with no climax ever allowed!
Meanwhile, Gina is so enraptured watching the video of Cathryn's plight that she doesn't notice the now-evil Catalina sneaking up behind her, prepping the chloroform cloth...and soon it's lights out for the sexy sleuth!
Gina is bound and manhandled by Catalina and her male partner, then forced to ORGASM by the vibrator-wielding blonde!

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