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CAST: Cleo Nichole, Lena Ramon, Mia Domore, Cheryl Dynasty (aka (cheryl Lynn Khan)

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

It's a tickle-rific double-feature! Part one stars bubbly Cleo Nichole as a gal who is a bit concerned when she finds a tickle-fetish tape in her boyfriend's apartment. Roommate Cheryl Lynn Kahn assures Cleo that tickling is perfectly normal and lots of fun but Cleo still isn't sure...so Cheryl ties her up and SHOWS her how fun it is! Not to be outdone, Cleo turns the tables on Cheryl and tickles HER until she's howling for relief! Later that day the giggling twosome winds up going at it again, and boy, can they work the ticklish spots! In story two, fetish model Lena Ramon comes home from a tickle-shoot miffed because the other model didn't know how to tickle her properly. Her ultra-busty buddy Mia DoMore says that SHE could tickle Lena just right but Lena doesn't believe it -- and the war is on! Mia tickles Lena mercilessly, hitting all of her tender spots, then Lena gets revenge on all-natural Mia's soft flesh. Soon all this hands-on action gets both gals heated up and they decide to turn things to another level. They take turns tying and tickling each other, incorporating a big vibrator to give each other giggling orgasms during the tickling! All four ladies in this video are super-ticklish and each has her own personal style. Cleo has a light, musical giggle, but Cheryl loses control of herself completely and can only yelp, whimper and gasp for breath. Lena laughs heartily and jumps at a touch, while Mia squeals and giggles while trying to talk to her tickler. Part one features cloth cleave gags to lightly muffle the laughter and story two has no gags at all so the ladies' chuckling and laughing can be heard unimpeded. Wheeee! Roped & Directed by Darla Crane.

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