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CAST: Amber Michaels, Autumn Woods, Mistress Sabrina Belladonna, Talia Monet


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Amber Michaels is so TICKLISH! She bucks, twists and screams with laughter...and LOVES every minute of it!
In this fat collection of eight mini-stories, Amber is tied-up and tickled four times world famous domina, Mistress Sabrina Belladonna. Sabrina has extremely long painted fingernails that dig mercilessly into Amber's tanned and taut skin, driving the gorgeous blonde up the wall!
But wait, there's more: you also get four more stories starring feisty, fit fetishettes Talia Monet and Autumn Woods!
Here's the breakdown...
Scene One: Amber is a chair-tied gangster's moll who's stolen loot from the big boss. Sabrina Belladonna is the long-nailed inquisitor who's been charged with tickling a confession out of her.
Scene Two: Talia wakes up on Christmas morning and finds a brand-new Tickle-Me-Autumn toy under her tree.
Scene Three: Amber has a dream of being hogtied and tickled relentlessly!
Scenes Four & Five: Autumn asks Talia to help her stick to her diet, but Talia binds and tickle-tortures her for minor calorie offenses, then Autumn catches Talia cheating on HER diet and gets her back for all the tickling!
Scene Six: Autumn sees new neighbor Talia flirting with her husband. Time for a little tickle-aversion-therapy!
Scenes Seven & Eight: Amber's boyfriend thinks she's been cheating on him so he hires Sabrina to get proof. First she tickles Amber - tied in a standing spreadeagle - until she confesses, then she strips her naked, ties her to the bed and furiously tickle-punishes her for her bad behavior! Amber is tickled on every inch of her perfect, nude body. (Yes, that means EVERYWHERE!)

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