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CAST: Eve Ellis, Tasha Welch


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Luscious, voluptuous Artemis is peeking out her window, watching two neighbors getting acquainted; they go into an apartment for coffee. Her imagination fired, Artemis sprawls on her bed and fantasizes that Tasha and Eve are getting into an evening of sexual exploration. Artemis loves hot-talk and she describes to herself in detail what she envisions for her fantasy-couple. Her daydreams inspire her as she rubs a whip on her crotch and pushes it against her full breasts. Then she bites and squeezes her nipples before working her crotch. If you're not familiar with the delicate art of pussy-spanking, give it a look here. Artemis employs the technique as she masturbates, imagining that her fantasy-couple does the same. Her imagination wanders wild: The lines between submissive and dominant blur as Tasha and Eve sensually "do to" and "get done to" in any way that brings them pleasure. They experiment with spanking and pussy-whips and toys; oh my, what a perfect ass Eve has--seen in intimate close-up!Tasha playfully teases Eve with the vibrator, withholding sensation more often than giving it! A clitsucker is employed to pull on Eve's most sensitive nerve endings. Tasha gets a turn on her nipple, then her clit-nub is sucked into the tube and tugged and stretched... then hot wax on Tasha's pubic hair has her twisting in spasms... And sexy Artemis brings her masturbatory fantasy to a satisfying conclusion.

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