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CAST: Celestia Star, Johnny Cobalt, Texas Presley, Tony Starc

DIRECTOR: Tony Stark

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

It's summertime and things have definitely heated up at Close-Up! Director Tony Starc hits another home run with an exciting video that features two beautiful models, each very new to the bondage scene.
Celestia Star (not to be confused with mainstream adult model "Celeste Star") is a blonde, blue-eyed American girl who grew up in England..which is why she speaks with that sexy English accent. Sloe-eyed Texas Presley, on the other hand, has dark hair, down-home charm and the most gorgeous natural breasts we've seen in quite a while. Here’s the lowdown on this impressive new production...
CHAPTER ONE: ON THE ROAD...Vacationing with her English boyfriend Johnny, Celestia is watching television in their hotel room. When Johnny returns from an errand, he has a new friend with him: bondage director Tony Starc! Tony is looking to do a little shooting out on the road and Johnny thinks this might be right up Celestia's alley! It only takes a touch of encouragement to convince Celestia to perform for Tony’s camera. Through four sexy scenes, Celestia is progressively stripped down, tied up, and thoroughly manhandled by both Johnny and Tony. Lost in the eroticism of her predicament, Celestia is even teased to a genuine, in-bondage, vibrator ORGASM as the camera rolls on. What a great trip this has turned out to be!
CHAPTER TWO: BACK AT HOME...Brand new model Texas Presley is, in one word, gorgeous. Her silky black hair, dark blue eyes, lush lips and knockout physique are enough to turn anyone on. Perhaps that’s why Tony has chosen her as the only model he’s ever shot in his own home! When Texas shows up at Tony's door we are treated to a full, long gaze at her loveliness, Tony shoots her from every angle, really letting her good looks sink in. Texas' lush body practically begs for bondage and that’s just what Tony has in mind! All afternoon he ties her up, taking full advantage of her vulnerability by letting his hands wander freely over her curves. He even binds her outside, next to the fountain in his courtyard. Her end-of-the-day reward for being such a delightful model? A clenching, squealing, vibrator ORGASM on Tony's big, round bed!

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