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CAST: Devon Daniels, Madison Lace, Tasha Welch


RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2019

Girlfriends Devon and Madison have decided to check out the B&D world. Nervously they arrange a meeting with Mistress Sky. Arriving late puts them on her bad side. She tells them she is only interested in acquiring one new slave, which sets off a competition between the two. When Madison asks for bondage instead of spanking she gets put over the mistress' knee, and when Devon wants spanking more than bondage she is semi-suspended in plastic wrap! Sky continues to test their viability as slaves by tying them face-to-face and the flogging them. Left on their own, the friends discuss their feelings about what's happening to them. Next, Madison's locked in a cage and wicked Sky is poking at her with a stick - like an animal - while Devon waits on the floor nearby. Sky sits on Devon's face, controlling her breath, and teasing her crotch with a crop. Will either of these two potential slaves make the grade in Mistress Sky's dungeon?

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