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CAST: Ava Miro,Claudia Donne,Darla Crane

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Claudia Donne plays an on-the-go career girl who, after an important promotion, begins having strange and unexplainable fetish fantasies!
Sitting at her desk, she suddenly dreams of a beautiful, mysterious woman (Ava Miro) thrusting a cloth over her face as she works. She loses consciousness, only to awake and find herself stripped down to her lingerie and bound in packaging tape in an eerily lit room. Ava appears, stripping off her own office attire to reveal shiny fetishwear. She roughly flips Claudia over and uses a crop on her backside!
Claudia is greatly confused by her sexual dream, but her therapist (Darla) explains that it is most likely just a result of the added stress at work -- a "submission complex".
Claudia next dreams of walking down the office hallway, only to be grabbed and pulled through a side door by Ava. Bound in strips of shiny black vinyl bondage tape, she writhes as Ava torments her curvaceous, body with a paddle.
More confused than ever, but determined to follow her therapist's advice, Claudia's sexy fantasies begin to change. Now she and Ava are bound together on her bed, thrusting and moaning against each other.
In another dream, the two squirming beauties are bound back-to-back, mmmphing through their red tape gags. Suddenly Darla appears in the fantasy, applying a crop and flogger to Claudia and Ava's soft flesh. Claudia's arousal grows and the scene shifts.
Now fully suspended from her ankles and subjected to Darla's hands and paddle, Claudia's excitement mounts until she is quite literally crying out in very genuine ORGASM! (Guess she's learning to enjoy her fantasies!)
FYI: Claudia is a longtime friend of Darla's and this production marks her one and only adult video appearance. Her spontaneous suspension climax in this video was very real and completely unexpected!

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