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CAST: Ginger (ravenesse), Ivy, Justine (aka Nancy Clifton)

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Busty, beautiful Justine (who used to model under the name "Nancy Clifton") is a security guard for the jewelry store that Ginger and Ivy have just robbed...and these two bad girls didn't just take the jewels, they took Justine too!
As we open, the bound, ballgagged and blindfolded guard is dragged into an old warehouse by her two captors. They plan on hiding out in this creepy dump until the heat dies down and a sweet, innocent little hostage just might come in handy if the cops stumble upon their lair.
Leggy Ginger (whom you may recognize as Shortfuse model "Ravenesse") soon takes a shine to the curvy captive, though, and can't keep her hands to herself. Fortunately for Justine, the blonde baddie also isn't very bright and it's not long before the tables are turned and the two bad girls are bound side-by-side!
But where are the jewels? Try as she might, Justine can't find them so it's more bondage for the crooks.
Finally, in desperation, Justine frees Ginger and Ivy believeing they will lead her to the stolen goods. Bad move! Soon the naïve security guard is retied and to punish her for binding them, Ivy and Ginger torment her with a vibrator until the humiliated guard succumbs to a shivering ORGASM!

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