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CAST: Star Chandler

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

You may recognize long-legged Star from some of our Harmony archive tapes, but this video marks her Close-Up debut with one of our premier producers. Tied and rope-leashed in a dirty warehouse, the statuesque beauty has been left to ponder her fate. Her captor (Bryan) arrives shortly and the really tough bondage begins. She loses her skirt for a chair tie, then her top and panties for an elbows-together, spreader bar strappado. As the bondages become more severe, the gags become more confining. A simple ball is replaced by a tight rope gag, which is followed by a harness gag with a blindfold, then a full face mask, until she's finally laced (on camera) into a complete leather hood. For the last two scenes Star shows off her incredible arm-flexibility. Laced into a full corset, Bryan's leather straps pretzel her arms into amazing contortions as she mewls through the leather hood. The tightness of the corset combined with the restrictiveness of the hood and the difficulty of the arm tie make the final ball-tie one of the most amazing we've ever seen!

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