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CAST: Bridgette Paris, Lilith Gadrielle, Mistress Sabrina Belladonna, Talia Monet


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

STORY ONE stars real-life spanking fetishist Lilith Gadrielle and world-famous dominatrix Mistress Sabrina Belladonna -- so you know things are gonna get intense! A while back, Lilith borrowed some money from Sabrina but when she couldn?t pay her back right away, she offered to move into Sabrina?s house and work off the debt by performing chores, errands, etc. Unfortunately, Lilith is a bit lazy and spends her time partying so Sabrina changes the agreement. Lilith now has to pay off her debt with her body. . .specifically, her asscheeks! Things start out simply with a firm, over-the-knee spank but soon the pretty brunette is on the receiving end of some serious spankage. Sabrina uses wooden spoons, plastic spatulas, metal spatulas, riding crops, slappers, paddles and more! Lilith's butt gets a tremendous workout that she thoroughly enjoys! Finally, Sabrina straps a vibrator against Lilith's dripping wet pussy and spanks away until the quivering beauty orgasms uncontrollably! In STORY TWO, Talia Monet is ticked off at buddy Bridgett Paris for getting her in trouble at work, so she spanks her plump butt! Unfortunately for Talia, Bridgett turns to tables on her and gets in her own whacks. Soon the two pals are tying each other up and spanking whenever they have a disagreement! Bridgett senses there's more to her friend's spank-fixation than she's admitting to, though. After tying Talia tightly, Bridgette whacks her ass and rubs a vibrator on her pussy -- forcing her to orgasm while being spanked!

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