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CAST: Alex Foxe


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Tall, sexy Alex Foxe returns to Close-Up in this video and for each bondage she wears tight, shiny fabrics and glossy high heels! Starting off with a lotus-tie, Alex's sheer panties are accentuated by vinyl stockings and gloves. Next, she's on the floor in a hogtie variation, wearing red and black vinyl short-shorts and gloves. Great backside! Bent over a tall stool, Alex is bottomless, held in place with multiple hand and ankle cuffs. The squeak of her shiny halter top goes nicely with the clink of the metal cuffs. Seated on the stool now, Alex's legs are encased in a super-tight vinyl hobble skirt. Multiple leather straps hold her securely and pinchers constrict her nipples. Finally, Alex is in a shiny red ensemble and heels, bent over with spreader bars between her ankles and wrists and drooling freely. A vibrator is roped tightly between her legs. As the vibe buzzes away, we watch as she genuinely orgasms on camera!

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