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CAST: Dorothy Laine, Sirena Scott (aka Shayna Clark)

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Dorothy's just received a call at work. It's co-worker Sirena, phoning in sick...again. Dorothy thinks Sirena's just faking it so she goes to Sirena's apartment to check up on her. When she gets there, though, Dorothy is shocked to find Sirena all tied up! As soon as the bubbly brunette is untied and ungagged though, she lays the real shocker on Dorothy -- she tied herself up for the fun of it. Dorothy is totally confused, and more than a little angry that Sirena's shirked her office duties to stay home playing bondage. Soon a spat erupts and Sirena decides to give Dorothy a little lesson in how enjoyable bondage can be. It's not long before the ladies are tying each other up with reckless abandon, until both are ballgagged, nude, and bound belly-to-belly on Sirena's bed. Finally, Dorothy decides to thank her bondage instructor with a special treat - a bed spread-eagle, during which Sirena is brought to TWO REAL ORGASMS by Dorothy's vibrator!

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