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CAST: Cleo Nichole, Ginger (Ravenesse)


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

TEN SCENES of two tightly bound models wearing nothing but stockings, garterbelts and high, high heels!Strawberry-blonde Ginger (aka Ravenesse) starts us off standing, her body thoroughly rope-harnessed and crotchroped. Next we find bodaceous blonde Cleo sexily writhing on the floor. Now Ginger is in a semi-strappado with a deep crotchrope and a fat ballgag. Cleo rolls sprightly in a wrists-to-ankles position with a yellow ball held in her mouth by clear tape! Ginger strains her tummy muscles in a tough standing/sitting position. Cleo is all tied up and gagged with soft, silky scarves! The lady in red, Ginger sits prettily on a stool for a stocking-starring scene. Cleo clearly enjoys a bit gag and with the cold clink of the steel handcuffs and anklecuffs. Ginger's final scene is a breathtaking hogtie with blue rope and matching cleave gag.Cleo finishes us off with a clit-burning, shoulder-crunching super-sexy tie on a bench. Two tanned, sexy bodies clad only in stockings, garterbelts and heels? Ten tight, restrictive bondages with mouth-filling gags? Mmmmmmmm...

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