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CAST: Adajja

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

There's no plot here, but who needs one? Pretty blonde XXX star Adajja is hot, hot, HOT in this new Bryan Davis video! She starts out in classic black lingerie and corset, which she keeps on for a few scenes, then Bryan removes it all, piece by piece, on camera. Throughout her ordeal, Adajja (pronounced Uh-day-zhuh) endures extremely tight ropework, nipple clamps, post-suspension, strict crotchropes, ballgags, and more. She's bound to a body board at one point, with a buzzing vibrator tied between her thighs! (Which must feel quite interesting on that little erotic piercing of hers, hmmm?) Beautiful Adajja is just starting out in bondage modeling, but with her sexy enthusiasm, she's destined to go far!

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