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CAST: Joelean, John West, Kelly Taylor, Reno, Scott Nails, Vanessa Lane, Vicky Vette

DIRECTOR: Johnny Durango

RELEASE DATE: 9/15/2018

It’s another batch of sexy, slippery, scorching sessions from the Durango Brothers! From slow and sensual to frenzied fucking, this video will really get you going! Match One: Vanessa Lane Vs. Scott Nails…Vanessa is all slick curves and limber legs. She slithers around Scott’s body like a sexy snake, clamping him between her legs and clutching him in her arms. “Wanna play with me?” she purrs. He does! She pulls down his trunks and slaps his ass. Pinning his arms back, she makes him say “give.” Fine with him, as long as it gets him to that sweet spot between her thighs! Their fucking is just as athletic as their foreplay! Match Two: Joelean Vs. Reno…Compact and muscular, petite Joelean is not much of a threat to big, burly Reno. He laughingly taunts her and flexes his machismo. But Joelean isn’t one to give in easily and she gives him a real run for his money. He has to work to get at her little pussy, but when he finally does…WOW! Match Three: Vicki Vette Vs. Justin Magnum…Bodacious Vicki is the known as the Queen of the MILFS and tousled boytoy Justin can’t wait to get at her luscious curves. She isn’t playing lightly though, and Justin must fight hard to get what he wants. She wrestles him soundly for a looooong time before finally allowing him to fuck her. Looks like it was worth it when he finally unloads all over her pretty face! Match Four: Kelly Taylor Vs. John West…These two take it nice and slow, enjoying each other to the fullest. She rubs her ass and tits all over his body, slipping and sliding in the oil. John holds back as long as he can before getting rough and plowing his face into her wet pussy. Their fucking is also sensual and it isn’t long before he blows his wad all over her round ass!

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