Sex Fights 3

Matrock Entertainment

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CAST: Domino, Eve Lawrence, Jassie, Jean Val Jean, Jerry, Kamon, Nick Manning, Nicki Hunter


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Another SEX FIGHTS from Johnny Durango. Best seller after best seller. Oversexed chicks. Studs-next-door pussy addicts. Salaciously penetrating camera work. And more oversexed chicks. Number 3 is guaranteed to make your dick happy. SEX FIGHT 1: DOMINO VS NICK MANNING. Yeah, Domino's back. Long black hair. L-o-n-g killer finger nails. A filthy mouth. And a cunt that all but chews Nick Manning's dick off. "Ready to get your ass beat?" teases Domino. "Come on, cupcake." Nick answers. Cupcake? Not the Domino we know. At first it's all smiles and good natured dirty talk. Then lots of mutual ass spanking. Brief gym outfits get ripped off and Domino's hairless cunt almost barks at big Nick's big dick. Domino never lets up. She fights like a she wolf. She bites Nick's toes. She sits on his mouth. "Lick my clit!" she commands. "Are you a loser?" "ARE YOU A LOSER?" And Nick whimpers.."Yes, I'm a loser." Yeah but he's a looser with a big dick and Domino is soon ordering him to "Giddy up cowboy!". SEX FIGHT 2: JASSIE VS JERRY The double J's in this sex fight are not unlike the girl and boy next door. Both clean cut. Pony-tailed Jassie with the tiny titties in a pink bikini. And football player hunk Jerry who loves eating Jassie's hairless pussy. But Jassie says "You're gonna have to work for it." No problem. While standing, Jerry power lifts Jassie up to where her pussy and his mouth are in the same place at the same time. Jerry eats pussy in that very athletic stance and every other position he can push his face into Jassie's juicy lips. Yeah...they sort of fight, but what they both really want to do is fuck. So they fuck and fuck and fuck. And even before Jerry can finish his full first load, Jassie says..."Ready for round 3?" SEX FIGHT 3: EVE VS JEAN VAL JEAN Cute short dark haired Eve with the double-D tits, does her long haired French Tarzan.. Jean Val Jean like the pro she is. This couple has sexy fun. Referring to her Tarzan's hair, Eve teases..."You can't have it, sissy." No sex? Not likely demonstrates Tarzan. Ripping Eve out of her stripper sparkle top and teeny tiny pink cunt thong, Tarzan eats pussy and sucks tit. Eve stomps Tarzan's balls for a submission. But soon this combative couple are mooning into each others' eyes while fucking like monkeys. The camera gets you so close you'll be able to smell it. With Eve's huge tits heaving in all directions, Tarzan manages to cover them both with his heavy load of jungle juice. SEX FIGHTS 4: NICKI HUNTER VS KAMON This Nicki bitch is a mean lookin', filth talkin', dominatin' man eater! Kamon's tatoos make you wonder if he's really the blond surfer type he resembles. But one thing's for sure. Kamon likes this Nicki bitch on top. And Nicki makes things clear with "Look at me!" "Who's top dog?" "You know you like me on top!" Kamon gets his nuts crushed. He's teased. He's humiliated. And Nicki rides him around like a Shetland pony. Then she sucks pony boy into rock hard readiness and orders him to "Whack it, then stuff that big cock in there." Multiple positions later, a happier Nicki purrs "Yeah, keep fucking me like that." And pony boy cums in her mouth. Is SEX FIGHTS 3 really this hot? Yeah it is. Give you dick a sure shot gift.

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