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CAST: Abby Nash


RELEASE DATE: 3/1/2020

Zaftig Abby Nash is Santa's most helpful elf. She wriggles out of the chimney into bondage director Mark Mar's house, where she arranges gifts around the tree. Then she learns a surprise! She's going to be a bondage toy for Mr. Mar for a whole year! She's prettily wrapped in white leather straps and prepared as a gift by the tree. The year flies by with interesting bondages every month. April showers put Abby in a raincoat for bondage, the summer sees her in a swimsuit; there are balloons for Valentine's Day and flags on the Fourth of July. Later in the year Abby applies what she's learned; self-bondage sequences show off her ability to tie her legs, gag herself, and click on handcuffs. Most scenes begin with Mr. Mar's hands doing on-screen tying and gagging. Shot on videotape in 1993.

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