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CAST: Gigi Kelly, Molly Matthews (aka Emily Marilyn)


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Someone has broken into brand-new detective Gigi Kelly's house!
She tiptoes around, looking for clues, but is grabbed from behind and chloroformed! Madam Darcy (Molly Matthews) is the culprit, and she strips off Gigi's clothes in search of a hidden microchip.
Upon waking, Gigi discovers herself completely at her captor's mercy. Madam Darcy wants information. Unfortunately, she torments Gigi's nipples with steel alligator-teeth clips and foot-long wooden spring clamps to no avail. She even tries the old "Dripping Water Torture" without success.
Gigi's no fool, and when the opportunity to turn the tables on her tormentor presents itself, she grabs it!
Soon Madam D is spanked, paddled, and gagged with Gigi's panties. Her aching nipples take the increasing weight of water glasses as they're slowly filled with liquid. Weighted moustraps are clamped on her breasts, as Gigi teases her with a vibrator until she explodes in a powerful, REAL orgasm!

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