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CAST: Abby Nash


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

A little bit older, a little fuller of figure, but as always a terrific bondagette, Abby Nash goes all out for this video. Private Peeks is a collection of stringent bondage scenes with Ms. Nash bound mostly in streetwear and ultra-high heels. Adding to the excitement is a LOT of onscreen tying and gagging. We open on Abby, clad in a sheer blue blouse, stockings and heels, bound securely. Next she's in a white dress and red pumps. A leather harness binds her body, and leather straps are applied to her legs on camera. In a skirt and blouse, Abby is chair bound and gagged with a bandanna on camera. Next she's trussed up wearing only a blue satin nightgown, stockings, heels and a leather gag. In another blouse/skirt combo, Abby's hands are stretched high above her head and secured with handcuffs. Cuffs also secure her ankles. For a semi-fold position, she wears a blue dress and a white panel gag. A chair tie is enhanced by a harness ballgag that is changed on camera to a leather gag by rough male hands. The next scene is the only one for which Abby does not wear her high heels. She's bound head to toe, and toe-tied over her stockings. Clad in a black lace teddy, Abby is instructed to cuff her own wrists and ankles to the bed. A man packs her mouth with cloth and seals that in with white tape. Still later we find her emerging from unconsciousness, bound to a chair and very confused. Her harness gag is changed, on camera, to a ball-on-dowel gag. For another tie Abby wears a white tee shirt and a leather arm harness. A leather gag is strapped on. Abby ties her own ankles before receiving the rest of a strict hogtie. Now she's rubber-strip bound in the shower, (still wearing her high heels !), and the water makes her shirt completely see-through. When Abby enters the bedroom a mystery woman in black stockings instructs her to lay face down on the bed. Soon she is spread eagle and gagged on camera. For her final bondage she's in another skirt/blouse outfit and chair-bound with a leather gag. If you enjoy streetwear bondage, onscreen tying, high heels and a wide variety of gags, this is the tape for you!

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