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CAST: Francesca Lé, Kristine Imboch (lorelei), Lorelei (Aka Kristine Imboch),Tanja Wilder

DIRECTOR: Kristine Imboch

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Story One: Violinist Francesca Le cannot perform to her instructor Lorelei's standards, so the irate maestro binds, gags, and opens her blouse for punishment! Francesca's on her knees while a riding crop plays its own special music on her bare soles and breasts. Forced to undress completely, Francesca is bound, standing, with the cold steel of the music stand wedged up high between her thighs. Lorelei beats out a pattern on her back with a flogger whip, hoping she'll eventually get the rhythm. Finally, she is spanked in crescendo as she drools helplessly, then receives four hard whacks from a heavy wooden spoon!
Story Two: When Prison guard Lorelei is knocked unconscious, she thinks defense attorney Tanja Wilder might have something to do with it, since it was her client who escaped...but Tanja denies any knowledge of the incident. Lorelei decides to squeeze the truth out of the petite lawyer, and proceeds to tie her up, cut open her blouse, and clothespin her nipples! Next, she's stripped of her clothes, her pantyhose are torn, and she's spanked mercilessly. Still refusing to talk, the beautiful barrister is bound to the cell cot in a most embarrassing position. Will this captive counselor confess to the crime?

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