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CAST: Ashley Renee, Darla Crane, Tony Starc

DIRECTOR: Tony Stark

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

For this, the second in his "Playing Favorites" series, ingenious director Tony Starc has brought together two of the bondage world's all-time favorite models...Darla Crane and Ashley Renee! And as has become the standard for a Tony Starc production, these ladies get the kind of treatment they have NEVER before received from men on video. You will be amazed!
CHAPTER ONE: ASHLEY...Ashley arrives for her very first meeting with Tony and is, of course, surprised to find the camera running from the moment she enters the door. Her apprehension is palpable as tentatively poses and strips for him. This longtime fetish superstar is actually a bit nervous and self-conscious! After seeing Ashley's body in all its glory, Tony can't wait to get her tied up. A rather simple chair tie is first, allowing Tony and his assistant Michael full access to Ashley's big, plump, soft tits. (Ashley is known as the "super-submissive"...once she becomes everyone's toy, her arousal skyrockets!) Happily on her knees, Ashley smiles and drools helplessly as her ballgagged face is shoved against the crotch of Tony's trousers. She squeals when Michael drags her forward by her tit ropes. Getting her frogtied on the bed, now both men can get their hands all over her sexy body, clamping her nipples and squeezing her asscheeks. By the time they spreadeagle her for a vibrator scene she is arching in anticipation. Her genuine CLIMAX will leave you drained!
CHAPTER TWO: DARLA...Darla shows up at Tony's room for her shoot. The already-running camera doesn't surprise her much -- she figures he's just shooting a bit of "behind-the-scenes" footage. She giggles when he reaches out and touches her body but her smile tells us she's certainly not nervous. Hmmm, how to tie her first? Darla's known for her flexibility so Tony chooses an elbows-together chair tie with her legs spread wide. Tony soon has his hands all over her juicy tits and thighs, much to her drooling delight! A crossed-ankle hogtie is next. Now, most girls can hardly move when tied like this but Darla's all over the place, rolling on her side and thrusting her ass in the air for Tony to grab, spread and squeeze. Tied next atop a desk, Darla's big boobs are again pawed, gripped and pinched by Tony and his assistant. (Tony likes to rub her gag drool into her!) The finale scene is one you won't want to miss: this is Darla's first bondage video orgasm scene and it is amazing! As Tony's assistant fondles her tits, Tony uses the big wand vibe to give Darla not one but TWO genuine, gasping, giggling ORGASMS!
You can't miss this groundbreaking video!

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