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CAST: Butch Sterling, Elise Di Medici (aka Desi Deangelo), Summer Knight


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This video pays tribute to the classic look of 70's "realism" bondage, with torn clothing, garage captivity, chain-suspension, and two helpless, pantyhose-clad women. Lovely Summer is grabbed from behind by a hooded figure. She's handcuffed and muscled away to a garage, where she is left to await an unknown fate. Soon another captive is brought in; exotic Elise, who fights her abductor with all her might. She's no match for brute strength, though, and soon she is hogtied and stripped of her dress. The villain callously manhandles her breasts. When Summer tries to defend Elise, the kidnapper rips away her dress and crotchropes her. Then the cad hoists her crotchrope, and whips her breasts, causing her to whimper and squirm. Finally, Elise is suspended from her wrists and ankles, swinging helplessly. What will the outcome be of all this villainy? The answer is left to your imagination!Adult Video News Magazine had this to say about PANTYHOSE PUNISHMENT..."(Pantyhose Punishment is) a pure bondage video with high levels of passion. Devious men tie up innocent women, then sit back as their hapless captives feverishly struggle against their shackles. Recommended."

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