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CAST: Brandy (Aka Krystal Summers)

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Nurse Brandy has been left all alone to answer the clinic phones. Irate patient Bryan knows a perfect opportunity when he sees one, and soon has poor Brandy in his clutches! He wrestles her to the floor and binds her, on camera, then ties her to a gurney and rolls her out to his van. He thoroughly ties her in the back of the van, then takes her back to his place for even more torment! Poor Brandy! Struggle as she might, the bondages only get tougher - including a rope wrist suspension and an excruciating ordeal with an ever-enlarging pump gag! The plucky little nurse struggles with all her might, but by video's end, there's no relief in sight!

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