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CAST: Darby Daniels

DIRECTOR: Sterne Masterson

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Waking up nude and barefoot, strapped from head-to-toe to a horizontal X-frame, Darby knows right away her day is not going to be pleasant. Her hooded captor runs his hands over her skin, happily discovering her intense TICKLISHNESS...but just a bit. Her next position is intense. She's strapped and chained to a metal frame with a long plug forced into her mouth and a vibrator buzzing away between her thighs. Whew! Plus, we can still see marks on her face from the super-tight harness gag she wore in the first scene! A strict hog/frog tie is made even worse by a face-harnessing pump gag. Fully straitjacketed, Darby's legs are tightly bandaged together until her keeper snips away the bandages to fondle her soft thighs and asscheeks. DO NOT attempt the next dangerous position at home! Darby is bent over backwards, her wrists and ankles spread by bars, with only a few thin strands of rope across her spine supporting much of her body weight! A Willie-esque bent-over position again shows off Darby's impressive flexibility and a standing Eiffel Tower tie is made harsh by a hoisted crotchrope. As if all this torment weren't enough, at the end of the video we return to the horizontal x-frame where this time Darby's captor gleefully TICKLES her mercilessly!

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