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CAST: Cindy Ashton, Darla Crane, Victoria Gold


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

DAY ONE. Beautiful Cindy is grabbed off the sidewalk, and forced into a car, by two uniformed women. As they screech away, she listens in bewildered terror as Anna (Kristine) accuses her of being a "traitor to the organization". DAY TWO. Shivering in the corner of her cell, Cindy is commanded to write out a full confession of her transgressions. She doesn't know what to write, which angers her guard, Inga (Darla). DAY THREE. Naked and bound, sleeping Cindy awakens to the horror of insects crawling over her body. Another prisoner, Victoria, calls to her through the wall. Though they can't see each other, they find comfort in their shared torment. DAY FOUR. Cindy is brought to the interrogation room, where she is bound and forced to watch as her friend Victoria receives a strapping from Anna and Inga. DAY FIVE. Cindy is roped to the vibrating "Dragon's Chair", and fondled by Inga. DAY SIX. Cindy is shocked to learn that Victoria has turned against her and aligned herself with evil Anna. This new villainess has written a false confession implicating Inga -- for which Inga is punished. She is suspended upside down and disciplined with a riding crop. As Cindy writhes in horror, he former ally fondles her exposed breasts! Will she never escape this naked shame?

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