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CAST: Brandy (Aka Krystal Summers)

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Bryan takes Brandy out for dinner, but she wants more attention so she breaks into his house. Well she definitely gets attention, but not quite what she wanted!Standing ball-gagged in black corset, bra, hose and heels she is bound tightly with arms behind her back and ankles tied firmly one in front of the other. Bryan lifts her to a high stool and binds her to the stool attaching nipple lassoes pulling her breasts up and out.He next hogties her on the floor and continues to refine the hogtie with more ropes crisscrossing her body, until she is a completely immobile package. She can only rock back and forth mmphing and drooling through her ballgag.Next Bryan fastens a penis gag in her mouth and ties her arms behind her to a post, whipping her thighs with a riding crop. He removes her hose and heels (barefeet!) and attaches a crotchrope pulling her ass and crotch up and away from the post. With Brandy totally naked we see her bound to the post with her legs drawn up behind her leaving her totally suspended by the rope web about her upper torso. This video offers superb close ups of the crotchrope pulled tightly into her soft labia.Knotted crotch ropes, o-ring gags and riding crops fill the next scene.Finally Brandy is seated on the floor drooling through the o-ring gag with her arms tied behind her and her legs drawn up to her chest. Bryan tells her he doesn't appreciate her breaking into his house and is going to leave her in this position until she learns her lesson.

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