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CAST: Alex Foxe, Stacy Burke

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Stacy is a very popular bondagette, but fetish newcomer Alex is NOT her biggest fan. In fact, she thinks Stacy's stolen her chance at bondage stardom! Apparently, she and Stacy were once up for the same role but Alex got the flu and Stacy got the part that made her a star. Now Alex wants revenge! Showing up on Stacy's door, the tall redhead soon has the petite blonde bound and gagged in the back yard - then moves her captive into the living room for more bondage and bickering. Unfortunately for Alex, her roping skills aren't as perfect as she thinks because Stacy manages to get loose and turn the tables on her. Soon Alex is bound in the yard and subjected to Stacy's verbal harassment, then she's bound twice on the livingroom sofas. Stacy is a little to quick to trust her rival, though, because as soon as she lets Alex loose, she winds up tied up once again. This time, though, hot-blooded Alex has a little surprise for her: a great big vibrator, which she uses to force an ORGASM from Stacy's bound body! Can't these fellow bondage models just get along?

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