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CAST: Anastasia Pierce,Charlie Laine,Kelle Marie,Kina Kai

DIRECTOR: Jimmy Durango,Johnny Durango

RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2019

Close-Up Entertainment branches off in an entirely new direction with this new production from the Durango Brothers!
More "high concept fetish" than "damsel-in-distress," this nurse-themed double feature stars Close-Up superstar Anastasia Pierce, alongside three newcomers to our stable: Kelle Marie, Kina Kai and Charlie Laine. The opening story, "Open Up And Say Ah" stars Kina and Charlie as two brats fighting over a guy. Well, to be fair, Charlie's the only one fighting, but she's nasty enough for both of them! Meeting Kina on the street, Charlie convinces the petite Asian babe to come upstairs to her apartment for a quick chat. Once there, Kina realizes that this oddball brunette is the crazy bitch who’s been stalking her boyfriend Jonathan! Before Kina can get out of there, Charlie has plunged a syringe into her thigh and soon Kina's out for the count. She comes to (sort of) roped solidly to a chair and we watch as she dazedly tries to get her bearings. Eventually, Charlie returns with a huge black phallus in her hot little hand. "Suck it!" she shouts, trying to stuff the rubber cock into Kina's mouth, but Kina's lips are sealed tight. Okay, girlie...time for a hit from the chloroform rag! Next, we find Kina frogtied on a bare mattress with a ring gag in her mouth. She's too groggy from the sedation to do much beyond staring up at the bedroom window in hopes of rescue. Clad in a little white nursie uniform, Charlie asks her captive if she's ready for her afternoon shot, then rams the hypodermic into Kina's upturned asscheek. Ouch! Falling again into unconsciousness, Kina dreams of sweet revenge. She imagines her tormentor all packaged up in red rope, squealing in distress as she spanks her ass and pokes needle after needle into her smooth butt skin. (Please note: ALL syringe action here is completely simulated.) Unfortunately for Kina, her reveries end when she awakens tied spreadeagle to the mattress. We're treated to more weakened dreamstate struggling until wicked Charlie returns. She gives her victim one final chance to fellate the black dong before stripping down and getting dirty. First she gags Kina with a very unusual contraption: a leather harness gag that forces the submissive to hold a dildo in their mouth. Lubing up the shiny red cock, Charlie squats over her prey and fucks herself reverse-cowgirl style with Kina's face! A gal can only take so much and soon Kina's caving in to Charlie's demands. We're not gonna give away the ending but rest assured, this badgirl comes out on top!
Rounding out the program are six moody medical dream vignettes starring Anastasia and Kelle. Both ladies are long, leggy, European beauties and both are very good at what they do...and what they do is bondage! Nurse Anastasia is up first, stripped down to her stockings, heels and hat. A dental gag holds her jaws open wide and her arms are roped to a crutch while she struggles cheesecake style to a thumping techno beat. Next, Nurse Kelle is bound to the exam table with coils of red rope. She's ring-gagged so that Nurse Anastasia can squirt viscous white liquid into her eager mouth. Nurse Kelle now lifts up Anastasia's hospital gown to deliver a knockout injection that leaves the poor patient dazed and confused. She then mummy-wraps Anastasia's body in elastic bandages, almost entirely on camera! Kelle is again bound to the exam table and forced to masturbate while Anastasia runs the dreaded pinwheel all over her poor tongue, nipples and legs! Kelle is bound in her black PVC uniform for two solo bondage scenes intercut together. She struggles sexily while bound to a wheelchair and she's red-rope-bound while struggling against a high tech silver backdrop. The exciting finale scene is a full suspension! Anastasia's back in her elastic bandage cocoon with a body web of black rope on top for more security. Hooking the body ropes to a pulley, Kelle soon has her helpless bondage pet swinging in the air! Torrents of drool bubble out around Anastasia's bright red ballgag. To add to the moodily intense feel of these six scenes, much of the action is featured in smooth digital slow motion and over-scored with an edgy electronic soundtrack.
World-renowned adult entertainment publication Adult Video News gives MEDICAL SUPERVISION a four-star rating! They call it "intensely beautiful, with seamless, dreamlike bondage vignettes of epic magnitude that have not been seen in a long time." The even advise "all bondage enthusiasts" to "reference this for comparison and inspiration!"
See for yourself why MEDICAL SUPERVISION has been recommended for the following AVN Award nominations:
Johnny Durango for Best Art Direction - Video
Johnny Durango for Best Editing - Video
Best Specialty Release - BDSM!

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