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CAST: Ashley Renee, Eve Ellis

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 3/1/2020

Darla had been dying to tie up her longtime friend Lorelei for her new video series, but Lorelei is one busy lady! They finally got their schedules to align for this, Darla's fifth Close-Up bondage-and-discipline fantasy, which she wrote specifically for her bondage buddy!
The story is so cute: Darla is the editor of the hottest fetish magazine around and models are just clamoring to appear in it! Even Darla's secretary Lorelei secretly longs to pose but she can't get up the courage to ask. Part of the trouble is that Darla is a really tough boss. When she catches Lorelei daydreaming she binds the petite blonde atop her desk (right in front of a big picture window) and spanks her ass bright red!
When Lorelei finds out that top fetish models Ashley Renee and Eve Ellis are scheduled to pose for the magazine that afternoon all she can think is "Great, more competition!" Thinking quickly, she figures that if she can get Ashley and Eve out of the way, she'll have a chance at getting into the magazine faster...so she comes up with a devious plan.
First, she phones Darla and pretends to be Ashley, saying that she and Eve have had car trouble and will miss the photo shoot. Next, she races over to the photo studio and when the real Ashley and Eve arrive she tells them that they will have to be interviewed and tested before they can appear in the magazine. This seems reallly odd to these pros but they're troupers. They don fetish attire (for Ashley a pale blue body girdle with light stockings, for Eve a black satin corset, opera gloves and black stocking) and put themselves in the secretary's hands.
Lorelei silences their questions and complaints with ballgags, then proceeds to fondle and torment them. Ashley and Eve tough it out as Lorelei's "interview" becomes humiliating. At one point Eve is bound strappado-style at the foot of the bed, while the bitgag between her lips forces her to drool all over the crotch of Ashley's girdle!
Even after all this, the two supermodels are still not deterred from posing for Darla's ultra-hip magazine, so Lorelei binds them both on the bed, drips hot wax across their lovely torsos, then forces a vibrator against Ashley's pussy until she cries out in ORGASM!
Little Lorelei's in for some big trouble, though, because Darla has just returned to the studio! She frog-ties her errant secretary on the studio bed and leaves her at the mercy of her two former captives...who fondle and tease her and force her body to a genuine CLIMAX of her own!
When Darla returns, Lorelei finally confesses her secret ambition to model and soon Darla and her photographer are snapping photos as Ashley, Eve and Lorelei all struggle together in three full-nude, elbows-together hogties!
Looks like Lorelei's secret dream has finally come true!
Lorelei was the first person ever to photograph Darla in bondage!
This was the first video ever to feature Ashley, Eve, Lorelei and Darla (four of the all-time biggest names in bondage) all together in one story!

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