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CAST: Liz Tyler

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This sweet little blonde has the face of an angel but she can take rough-and-tumble bondage and discipline like nobody's business! We open on Bryan strapping a bit gag into her pretty mouth, then strapping her to a chair. After pinwheeling her nipples with clothespins, Bryan ties on a crotchrope and hoists her hips towards the ceiling! Then, still in the chair, he applies big nipple clamps and tugs her breasts right out in front of her. For a standing scene, Liz is kept on her toes -- and very turned on -- by a knotted rope strung between her thighs. Her body constricted by leather straps, Liz next has her entire lower body suspended off the ground by only her toes! Next its a strap ball-tie, then an intense strap hogtie, applied on camera. Finally, Liz is bound over a bondage horse for a sound butt-spanking. Wow!

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