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CAST: Jacqueline Marsh, Larae, Sophia Capri


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Sophia, Jacqueline and Larae watch a dramatic old movie on TV, which gets them talking about being tied up. An article in a women's magazine shifts the topic to fantasies, but none of the bashful ladies will admit to having them. While avoiding each other's questions, their minds wander, and each begins fantasizing.Busty Sophia imagines being bound to a chair and cruelly interrogated by her lingerie-clad friends. Larae sees herself dominating and humiliating the others. She binds and gags them and fondles their breasts. Jacqueline considers both sides of the B&D experience. First she wonders if icy Larae would warm up if she was cuffed to the bed, her breasts caressed by warm hands. Next she imagines Sophia as a corseted domina who must spank the others to keep them in line.At evening's end the ladies are ready for bed, but will they reveal their inner desires to each other?

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