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CAST: Abby Nash


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Having fallen on hard times, a pretty southern brunette is sleeping in an abandoned building when she's discovered by a large, surly man. Thinking he's a cop, she allows him to handcuff her...but when he roughly gags her and leads her away in leg-cuffs, she realizes things are worse. Much worse.
Poor Abby has entered into long-term captivity. A voice-over narrative describes her thoughts while in her various bondage predicaments.
A cloth pad held over her gagged lips puts her out for transport twice (once while blindfolded.)
Relentless bondage and discipline wear down her resistance until she finally accepts her training and learns to behave as a slave. A variety of positions are presented at a fast pace, interspersed with lingering harem-slave-in-chains segments.
Abby is taped up like a candy cane. Both wrists are handcuffed with a single cuff. She even learns to tie up her own legs! Eventually she's dressed in fetish wear, including a Gwendoline style open-rear skirt.
When she has been fully trained as a bondage slave, a buyer arrives to take her away. She looks him in the eyes and tell him " I want to be helpless before you."
This video was shot in the 1980's so its quality may appear somewhat lower than today's professional standards, but the content is eminently enjoyable!
Directed by Jason Cord.

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