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CAST: Goddess Storm, Malitia


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Beautiful Artemis tries to convince the towering blonde Malitia to join her in Goddess Storm's dungeon but Malitia will have none of it so Artemis slips her a hankie full of chloroform and has her carried off to the dungeon while she's unconscious! Goddess Storm is most pleased with her new toy, and promptly binds her naked captive into an intricate web of ropes so that she and Artemis can fully enjoy her body. Malitia is whipped on her tits, belly, and crotch while Artemis kisses her erect nipples . The rhythmic thud of the leather whip against Malitia's body brings her to climax. Goddess Storm decides to bring Artemis and Malitia a little closer in bondage. Malitia is suspended in a swing and Artemis is bound face-to-face with her. More flogging ensues, along with a whole lot of squirming from both bound ladies. Eventually the Goddess decides leaves, telling them to present themselves to her later that evening. Artemis ties Malitia to a bondage table and torments her. She threatens to leave helpless Malitia tied to the table so that she will be unable to appear before the Goddess at the appointed time!

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