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CAST: Alexis Taylor, Crystal, Jane Stonewood, Taylor St. Claire

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Redhaired beauty Jane Stonewood makes her bondage video debut alongside two of the best and bustiest models in the biz, Alexis Taylor and Taylor St. Claire!
Story One: "Pay the Ransom, Mr. Cruz!" stars curvaceous brunette Alexis and lithe redhead Jane as a pair of secretaries who've been kidnapped for ransom. Their cruel male captors videotape the ladies' obvious terror, hoping their wealthy boss Mr. Cruz will come through with a big payoff for their release. (While the ladies plead into the camera's lens with their big, expressive eyes, there's a LOT of verbal humiliation from the men...SO sexy!) As the day wears on, things start to look grim for the frightened office gals because instead of simply going after a ransom, the kidnappers start to enjoy binding them just for fun! Finally, both beauties are squirming in only their lingerie (Jane in stockingfeet and Alexis in high heels) hogtied on the hard wood floor. Whatever will become of these poor, struggling damsels in distress?
Story Two: "Poor Business Judgement" features the return of fetish supermodel Taylor St. Claire to Close-Up's stable of lovelies! Taylor and her partner Crystal are on a business trip, trying to negotiate the sale of their small business. Blonde Crystal is not exactly overloaded in the brains department so Taylor decides that the first meeting with their potential buyer may go better if she leaves Crystal behind. Of course, this will mean tying the uncooperative blonde to a chair, pulling down her bra and ripping up her pantyhose, but what the heck? Business is business. When Taylor returns, however, she finds Crystal in one heck of a nasty mood from spending the afternoon tied down so now it's time for Alexis to get a little hogtie humiliation for herself! (And of course Crystal can't keep her hands off Taylor's HUGE boobs!) Later, when tempers have supposedly cooled and both beauties are getting ready for bed, Taylor again jumps Crystal and chloroforms her! Chrystal struggles like crazy but eventually she loses consciousness and Taylor and ties her spreadeagle on the bed. Turns out Alexis isn't in town to sell her business, she's in town to sell CRYSTAL! The outmatched blonde struggles for all she's worth but Taylor's big wand vibrator soon has her bucking in orgasm and very docile. All seems to be going just fine for Alexis...until those nasty slave-traders show up at the door and decide to take her too!
Also includes previews of several similar productions available only from Close-Up!

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