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CAST: Skip Sterne, Summer Cummings

DIRECTOR: Sterne Masterson

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Sexy Summer Cummings plays the tied-up-damsel-in-distress!
We open on Summer alone in the garage, wearing only a fishnet catsuit, an elastic waist-cincher and five-inch stiletto heels. Her ankles are spread with a bar and a ballgag fills her pretty little mouth. When a masked man enters the scene we learn that Summer was foolishly out hitch-hiking and managed to get herself abducted!
Next poor Summer is bent over and roped that way so that she can't straighten up at all!
Three scenes on a cot have Summer's amazing body stretched out long and lean...then tightly frogtied...then laying face down. Her abductor really takes advantage of her helplessness here!
Nude now, with only stay-up stockings and high heels for cover, Summer is leather-strapped standing up, then bent forward and strapped into a sharp "fold" position. (This is tough stuff that only an amazingly flexible gal like Summer can handle!)
Finally, a hogtie variation has Summer on the floor, on her tummy, with each wrist tied back to each ankle. Each ankle is then hoisted upward toward the ceiling to arch her back roughly!
By video's end we are surprised to find Summer perched in her abductor's lap. Has she been brainwashed or what?

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